Folders in Spain


 Folders in Spain for your company or business 

The responsibility of being in a changing market with little stability and adding value to what we do is only for the brave ones like you. That’s why we present you with printing articles that will help you enhance what you do. For you, if you are in the country developing a business activity or organizing a training event, we offer you a range of printed products for your comfort. If you are outside Spain and require such items from a printing company, we will also serve you promptly and efficiently.


 Importance of folders in the modern world and their added value

Folders are indispensable items when it comes to a large number of business and business procedures and actions. They are the most suitable packaging that guarantee organization and protection to documents and papers you need for the proper functioning of what you develop in your daily activities. These corporate folders have functions that make them indispensable. Therefore, it is necessary to turn them into beautiful printed pieces that will generate added value and a lot of visibility. For this, we are at your service with our professionalism and aesthetic sense.


We offer you an unbeatable opportunity to acquire your first class folders.

Some of the types of folders that are usually incorporated to the work in the market and organizations are corporate, to store files, for dossiers, to pass budgets, are excellent for training as workshops, diplomas and courses and many more actions in the universe of business and companies. In short, for whatever you need your folders in Spain we make them with the details and whatever you want. That’s what we are here for.


Here are some of the benefits we offer you by bringing your folders to life

  1. To add value, we use a wide range of colors based on four-color process and artistic knowledge.
  2.  You have a choice of materials such as coated cardboard, recycled cardboard and kraft cardboard. All of them excellent for you to incorporate into your existence.
  3. You can customize them with the size that suits you, outside the classic 31 x 21 cm. Likewise, the thickness can be 300gr or the grammage of your choice.
  4. They are an attractive packaging that is pleasant to the touch from every point of view, as long as it comes from the right printer.
  5. We can print them almost anywhere and add color.
  6. You can choose from a variety of alternatives to add to them, such as flaps, slits, card holders, slots and much more as required. That’s why we are experts in making them. 
  7.  The idea is that they shine and make your brand stand out with the logo, slogan and messages of your company or business.
  8.  You have a team focused on serving you with everything you need in the area of manufacturing and design.


The advertising is present in your packaging pieces from our printing house.

In the field of advertising, everything that adds up should be incorporated as a promotional tactic. You know this very well, that’s why beautifying your folders that play vital roles in what you do is a priority. Because, you put an extra that can catapult you to another level. If for any activity you present your clients and suppliers with high class folders with a lot of attributes, where your brand stands out, you will be making a good impression and you will be able to make an impression on their minds. That is why you should give that corporate touch to your folders.


A high carat design added to your creativity achieves a portfolio of great attributes.

If we talk about design, it is good that you know how important it is to have a department of designers like ours. They have the experience, professionalism and commitment to your goods and your interests. All this, together with your criteria, experience and creativity. The result is a great portfolio with brilliant qualities. This is how we work at so that you get the best of the best. 


What we offer you are advantages and more advantages with our comprehensive service 

What we offer you is an integral service of manufacturing and printing so that you have everything in one place. With state of the art Offset and Digital machinery. With first class materials and a team that works with passion to give you excellent results. In addition to that, shipments in the Iberian Peninsula are free and fast. With a budget that reaches you promptly and in detail. We offer you the best of what we do.  Our phone  +34 963 356 036 also by  Whatsapp +34 628 147 093 (John) Also the mail:



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