Cardboard labels in Spain


Cardboard label printing in Spain

For you who find yourself in a constant activity. Always striving to improve your status as an entrepreneur by adding products and components that give strength to your entrepreneurial actions and lead you to happy results. We offer you the versatile cardboard labels to accompany what you market with so much care. If they are made with the attributes that make them powerful, they enter the eye of the beholder and stay in his mind. That is why we invite you to acquire them with confidence in our printing company.


For you to stand out through your cardboard labels, the best for you

Cardboard labels become an integral part of what they accompany and are, in many cases, responsible for a sale by attracting the attention of those who are looking for a product in such a competitive market. These effective components of the packaging of your goods are present in an infinity of products such as hanging on the pieces of clothing, bottles, jewelry, accessories, socks and a few more items. If you are looking to make your labels and you are abroad or passing through Spain on business, you can count on our printing company to put in your hands whatever you need in terms of printing.


Cardboard labels bring you a series of benefits and here are some of them: 

-They are economical and durable, ensuring optimum performance.

-If they have relevant information that is easy to look at, they become agents of your products and brand.

-Its adaptability through the incorporation of holes in the case of pendants and product holders is infinite.

-A label with all the classy attributes connects your goods seamlessly with potential customers.


More of the cardboard labels with dazzling properties

Some characteristics that cardboard labels have that make them special to be accompanying your products according to what you need. If they are of the hanging type, they require holes that you can put holes in them with a plastic gun for that purpose or you can add some colored markers or jute. This is to make them stand out in the pieces where they are hung. We have the machinery to add those holes with extreme precision in the manufacturing process. We also have first class materials that will make your merchandise shine. Such as coated cardboard, those based on recycled paper and kraft cardboard with its properties of great size.


The shapes and finishes we have for you 

When it comes to the shapes with which you can make your cardboard labels, we can tell you that we master the die-cutting technique and that we are ready to please you with the silhouette or figure that you need or simply want to put on them. From the classic rectangular or round to the figure of animals, things or symbols. Everything so that you have confidence in what we carry out in ABCImprenta. All this together with the best finishes so that your printed component has the presence you have imagined.


Advertising and design go hand in hand on your devices coming from ABCImprenta

To talk about activities aimed at making yourself known, offering goods showing the best of them and the use of colors, logos, slogans, messages or other tasks that serve to give more life to what you market, is to touch on a subject related to advertising. In the times we live in, advertising has become a pressing need. Therefore, you have the commitment to stay on the crest of the wave in terms of the packaging that your products carry. We are ready to put at your service our team of expert designers to support you in these actions. 


To make you feel satisfied with the elements printed in Spain, we serve you in large sizes.

Our team is committed to its client friends. That makes us act in a coherent way with that philosophy. Therefore, you will receive a high class treatment, since you make contact with us. Since, with a direct and personalized attention you will raise what you need and receive solutions in that instant. Any of the members of the super team will attend you in style. Providing you with the budget you require in detail and adapted to your particular situation. Look for us and you will see a range of advantages that we have for you.


With free shipping to the peninsula, quality materials and high-end machines we serve you with

Your satisfaction is one of our main goals. Therefore, we offer free shipping to any part of Spain, with the speed that characterizes us. We also incorporate certified inks based on four-color printing and with high efficiency to beautify your cardboard labels and other printed items. Likewise, our machines are always at the forefront of technology for you to receive that benefit. Our phone +34 963 356 036 or by Whatsapp +34 628 147 093 (John) Now if you want to contact us by mail:


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