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The world of literature is very diverse. Therefore, if you have decided to print books, it is because you already have well defined what you want to do. Being outside Spain you can manufacture and print your bibliographic or didactic materials without any problem with our online printing company. Since we bring your solutions closer to you. Although there is a lot to say about books, we also have a lot to say about the types of books, their applications and a lot of aspects that differentiate them and that you should know.


Some tips to apply when making your books

  • We recommend that spelling and style be checked before printing. Also grammar, expressiveness, rhythm and details of cohesion and coherence and semantics. This will help you avoid major problems after printing.
  • Other aspects to which you should pay special attention are related to the technical aspects, such as the type of cover, which can be hard (2mm) or soft, which is more flexible, generally made of 350gr. graphic cardboard.
  • Regarding the inner paper, it is usually of 80gr. It is white or bone colored for a better contrast with the fonts. Likewise, the sizes are usually A4 or another size according to the type of book, its function, among other reasons.
  • Regarding the colors of the letters and the font, they can be black or in grayscale that is legible and depending on its function with images. We are experts in these details. 
  • For binding you have the options of gluing, stitching which is quite strong, however it is more expensive. Or PUR milling which is quite efficient and moderately priced.
  • For the design we have the department in charge of the layout (diagramming), which is responsible for the editorial preparation. Where it organizes the spaces stipulated for such purpose and distributes with mastery written contents, images so that it is pleasant to the readers.
  • We mainly serve training centers, publishing houses, companies that teach courses, self-taught publishers, institutions with periodic print runs, among others.


A luxury presentation with machinery, materials and excellent workmanship to print books.

How we are connected with what it takes to finish a good book. We offer you a wide range of alternatives to print your books. Since we have Offset and Digital machinery for your print run to be the most appropriate and effective. With the best materials. You know that a high-end presentation favors you from heaven to earth. That’s why we show you how your book can have the qualities of great luxury without investing more. Like a glossy cover where the colors and images are well defined and eye-catching. As for the inside pages, they should be on premium paper and the ink should be the good stuff.


The types of binding we master for your satisfaction

Other relevant aspects are that the binding should be durable. As well as the contents must be clear and well distributed. With impeccable printing. Making a book is an action that can be very satisfying. However, it has a range of factors and aspects that must be taken into account. That is why we are at your service to support you with that bibliographic material becomes a fact as edited and printed material.


The advantages of making and printing your materials with our efficient team as a friendly client

You have a whole universe of advantages that we would like you to take advantage of. Therefore, we offer you our team that is passionate about what it does in the field of printing. In addition to that, you have free shipping throughout the peninsular area and a direct service in terms of treatment and budgets. Count on us to put in your hands your books with high quality attributions. Here our telephones 963356036 or by whatsapp 644751124. In the same way, the mail:


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